Student Life at The Piedmont School

Here at The Piedmont School we know all about different learning styles. Some students are kinesthetic (hands-on) learners, some students are visual learners, some students learn best through music, and others learn best through active movement. Whatever the learning style, The Piedmont School goes above and beyond to accommodate. We are firm believers in a completely integrated Arts education and know tht many of our students excel in these areas. We also know that many of our students are active and wonderful athletes and we make sure they are provided opportunities to participate in physical movement in both a recreational setting during their school day as well as having the opportunity to participate in competitive sports as an extracurricular activity.


Visual and Performing Arts

At The Piedmont School, students participate in the visual and performing arts several times a week. Students have Art on Tuesdays and Thursdays where they build, create, draw, sculpt, paint, and innovate. Students also have Drama on Wednesdays and Fridays where they are able to learn how to express themselves, better communicate, and learn about theatre and acting.

To read more on The Piedmont School’s Arts Department and how we integrate the Arts into our daily education, read here.



Through a partnership with the North Carolina Music Academy, The Piedmont School offers music every Monday. Many students with learning differences often learn best through music, so we ensure that every student gets access to a music curriculum. Students learn to about pitch, tone, singing, music notes, and instruments. Our Upper School students also get an opportunity to learn how to play the recorder. Our students truly thrive having music in the building!



The Piedmont School Panthers compete in the Independent School League (ISL) along with several other area independent schools. Athletics are open to fifth through eighth graders. The Piedmont School competes in cross-country (early fall), soccer (fall), flag football (fall), volleyball (winter) and basketball (winter/early spring).

The ISL is a co-ed league and we encourage all interested students 5th-8th grade to play!

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