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tim montgomery

Greetings From The Piedmont School!

There are many things unique about our school, and we are different by design-to help students achieve both academic and social success. For over thirty-seven years The Piedmont School has provided a unique, essential service to children in our community who live with learning differences and/or Attention Deficit (Hyperactivity) Disorder-ADHD. With well over twenty years of personal experience in working with these amazing students, I can readily attest to the fact that there is nothing they can’t achieve when placed in the right environment and given the proper tools for success. At our amazing little school, there are several truths I know beyond a shadow of a doubt. 


I know that we incorporate appropriate teaching and learning techniques every day that are specially tailored to our individual student’s needs. 

I know that by maintaining small class sizes with single-digit teacher/student ratios we provide the optimum learning environment for our students. 

I know that by providing classrooms that are supporting and non-intimidating we create an atmosphere conducive to learning and success for our students. 

I know that our teachers are amazing, and the heart and soul of their mission in life is to create a warm, accepting environment in their classrooms designed to help each student they teach reach their highest potential. 

I know that as a school we are committed to guiding our parents in how to best assist their children in overcoming the obstacles that have kept them from being successful in school. 

I know that as a school we focus on promoting respect and responsibility designed to foster healthy social skills and enhanced self-esteem in our students. 

With confidence, I can say I know these things because I know our school. I know our mission and how diligently we adhere to living it each day. I know our faculty and staff and their dedication to seeing every student under our guidance succeed.  

What I don’t know is you, and your story. I don’t know the set of circumstances that have driven you to our website today as you search for answers for your family and your child. I would be honored to know you better and to have the opportunity to personally tell you more about our amazing little school. Please accept my personal invitation to visit The Piedmont School to learn more about what we have to offer and see for yourself the supportive environment that surrounds all our students. My door is open for you. 

With Panther Pride, 

Tim Montgomery

Head of School 




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