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About Us

The Piedmont School strives daily to be the educational oasis that quenches the thirst of students who learn differently.

The Piedmont School carefully creates an environment that removes major obstacles to learning. We break skills down to their smallest components and, through researched-based teaching strategies, help students master the necessary skills for success.

Low teacher/student ratios allow for individualized instruction. The program for each student is carefully planned and implemented based on thorough educational assessments (both formal and informal). Students are grouped by levels, grades and ages. All students are continually monitored and assessed to ensure progress in targeted learning outcomes.

The Piedmont School uses a highly individualized approach to learning. The core classes of reading, written language and math skills are taught through visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic methods. Teachers use mnemonic devices and intensive drills to enhance memory. Each class is comprised of five to six short teaching segments, enabling students with short attention spans to stay focused and on task.

The block classes of social studies and science are taught with an emphasis on experiential learning, so that students are exposed to the grade level curriculum in a hands-on, project-based way. Our school offers multiple academic and assistive computer applications to facilitate learning.