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The John Yowell Academy at The Piedmont School is a specially designed diploma bound high school program for students with ADHD and/or language-based learning differences. JYA students meet the profile of a Piedmont School student (average to above cognitive ability, ADHD diagnosis or specific learning disability) yet benefit from small class sizes. Our high school core classes (English/Math/Science/History) block out at 12 students per teacher. 


The Piedmont School has been in existence since 1982, however, it has been a K-8th-grade program for most of that time. As TPS has grown over the past few years the need for a high school program became evident. While the school did offer one year of a primarily online program while developing its high school program, it has now grown to a program that is a mirrored extension of The Piedmont School's program offered to TPS students who wish to continue and/or complete their schooling career with The Piedmont School. The High School program is also a potential option for outside students needing a better fit for their high school career. 

With the development of the high school program, it was felt that it needed its own name or distinction. In the spring of 2017, it was officially announced that the high school program would further be known as the John Yowell Academy at The Piedmont School. John Yowell, the late VP of Operations for Old Dominion Freight, was a long time advocate and benefactor of The Piedmont School from its infancy until the time of his death. John was a driving force behind The Piedmont School's success and growth. We believe that John would very much approve of the addition of a high school program at TPS and that he would be proud of the growth of the school and the direction it is heading. With the Yowell family's support, we felt this was a great way to honor John and keep his legacy with The Piedmont School alive. 

On May 25, 2017, the name change was officially announced at the annual high school awards dinner that also served as the first graduation ceremony for the John Yowell Academy. 

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JYA students are on a diploma track to high school graduation. All JYA students are expected to meet the minimum graduation requirements set by the state of North Carolina. 

JYA students must complete:

4 English Courses

4 Math Courses (*alternate math track available)

3 Science Courses 

4 History Courses (World History, US History 1 & 2, and Civics)

1 PE/Health Course

6 Elective Courses (2 must be Foreign Language if 4-year university-bound)

22 Total Credits 

All courses are taught face to face except for elective courses or alternative core courses outside of our in house curriculum. However, all online courses are provided on campus and with an on-campus facilitator and mentor. These courses are strictly guided and watched by a high school faculty member. 

4 Year University Path info can be found here

2 Year Community College or Workforce Path info can be found here

JYA students begin at 7:45am and end at 3:00pm each day. 

7:50am is considered tardy. 

Students who drive are asked to park near the pod side of the front parking lot. 

Seat Time:

Seat time is of valued importance as guided by the state of North Carolina and attendance/tardies are closely monitored by TPS Administration. If a student has too many absences or missed classes, they will be required to make up this seat time after school. If absences or missed classes become excessive, The Piedmont School reserves the right to not issue course credit and require the student to retake the course(s). 

Lunch Policy: 

Students in grade 12 who have a license or parent permission are allowed to leave campus for lunch on Fridays only if all classwork obligations have been met and only if there are no tardies or unexcused absences for the week. Each student leaving for lunch on Friday must have the approval of all of their teachers and the High School Advisor before leaving campus. 

The Piedmont School knows that tuition can be a daunting thought for many. We also know how important it is for families to find the appropriate educational environment for their child. With this in mind, The Piedmont School does have a tuition assistance program that offers some assistance to current and new families who qualify.

Tuition for the 2022-2023 school year for John Yowell Academy at The Piedmont School is $21,794. 

The Piedmont School also accepts several of the State Grant Programs such as:

Childrens with Disabilities Grant

Opportunity Education Scholarship

NC Education Savings Account

These grant programs are not directly affiliated with The Piedmont School as they are state-run grant programs. More information about each grant and how to apply can be found by clicking on the above links. 

Extra Courses/Summer Electives/Speed Track:

If additional online courses are required for credit recovery, summer electives, or for an individualized speed track these courses will be an additional expense to the family. On average courses run $295-$399 per semester course. These are offered on a case by case basis and require approval from Jennifer Kelly (Upper School Head) and Pam Garner (Business Manager). 

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