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Guilford Woman Cover Article

The Piedmont School was the featured cover of the November 2016 edition of Guilford Woman Magazine.

The Piedmont School Awards Its First Diploma

The Piedmont School awards its first diploma and renames its high school.

Buckley Report: Unlocking Student Potential

The Piedmont School unlocks student potential.

Because Learning Is A Curve

Because Learning Is A Curve

Nineteen words lay the foundation for The Piedmont School: “The Piedmont School strives daily to be the educational oasis that quenches the thirst of students who learn differently.” This mission helps create a unique setting in which each student can rise to their own potential.


First Day of School

Welcome Back Panthers!

Orientation Day for Intermediate and Primary Students

Information for Intermediate (7th-8th grade) and Primary (K-2nd grade) families.

Orientation for Lower School & JYA

Information for Lower School (3rd-6th grade) and JYA (9th-12th) families.

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