COVID-19 Updates

5/11/20: End of Year Schedule




3/30/20: Virtual Meeting Schedules for TPS & JYA:

TPS Zoom/Google Hangouts/Facetime Schedule:

Here is a breakdown of the weekly tele-meeting schedule for TPS students. 


Mr. Wallace Primary: Mondays - Facetime Conferences


Mrs. Saenz Literacy- Tuesdays/Thurs

9:00     1st/2nd period 

11:00    5th/6th/7th/8th

FaceTime Fridays —just like office hours; optional one-on-one time


Mrs. Palmer Literacy- Tuesdays/Thursdays

Lower School:  10:00

Upper School:  1:00


Mrs. Barbee Literacy- Thursdays

Lower School: 11:00

Upper School:  12:30


Ms. Rohl Literacy- Thursdays

Lower School: 10:00

Upper School: 1:00


Ms. Bovender Social Studies- Tuesdays/Thursdays

Upper School:  9:00

Lower School:  1:00


Mr. Petty, Ms. Pugh, and Mrs. Williams (Math and Science)-Mondays and Wednesdays 

9:00- 6th period- 3rd-grade group

9:30-8th period- 5th grade 

10:00-7th-period 4th grade

10:30-2nd-period 8th grade 

11:00-3rd-period 7/8th grade group

11:30- 4th-period 6th-grade group


Assignment Schedule for Specials: 

Coach M- PE

Assigns Wednesdays-due the following Wednesday


Mr. Prevatte- Art/Drama/Music

Assignment due on Fridays


JYA Zoom Meeting Schedule: 

JYA families will receive a newsletter on Mondays detailing assignment information for each class along with due dates and other general information. JYA families, the bulk of your information will be in these newsletters, so please keep an eye out for them on Mondays. 

Mrs. Kennedy- English-  Mondays

9 am- Of Mice and Men Group (periods 2,3,5)  

1030am- Creative Writing Group (periods 1, 4)

12 pm- LLS (period 7)


Ms. Genung Latin- Tuesdays
830am- 1st period

930am- 2nd period

Ms. Fullerton Science- Wednesdays

9am- Freshmen Academy and Physical Science

10am- Biology

11am- Astronomy 


Mr. Plummer History- Thursdays-

1-3 pm- Office Hours


Mrs. Binkley Math- Thursdays-

10 am- Algebra 1

11 am- Pre Calculus

12pm- Geometry


Mrs. Binkley Math- Fridays

10 am- Math Topics (4th and 5th periods)

12 pm- Gregory S.

3/25/20: A Message From Mr. Montgomery


Also, be sure to check out Mrs. Linn's Counseling Corner Website, full of great resources for parents and students! 


3/23/20: Virtual Spirit Week! 


3/19/20: Strategies & Tips for Parents of ADHD/LD Learnings 



3/18/20: To Our Panther Families on Distance Learning Launch Day

Dear Panther Families, 

As you know, today is the day we are officially launching distance learning. Before you continue any further reading this email I want you to stop, close your eyes, and take a big deep breath... take one more if you need to and repeat after me..."it is going to be ok. We will get through this". 

 Thank you to all of the families who came by yesterday to pick up student materials. I think what made our day the most was that so many of our Panthers were in the car excited to wave at us and flash big smiles. It made the day of all of our faculty. 

We really want each and every one of you to know that we are in this together. We know how overwhelming this is for so many. We know how many of our parents are still working or remote working and balancing just how to make this all happen. We know many of you are balancing having more than one child at home, who attend different schools, and that you're having to dissect and organize different distance learning plans. Many of us here are in the exact same position trying to figure out how to balance work/remote work and our families (several with young children distance learning also). The navigating of these unique and difficult circumstances are completely overwhelming and we absolutely understand. 

With that said, we know this is going to take some time to navigate. We know this will be easier for some families than others. We are aware there may be times that nothing can be accomplished due to logistics and other times a lot can get done. It is all ok. We want you to make it work as best as you can and to remember that we are here for you. Our students do best with consistency and repetition so we recommend taking some time to figure out what the best schedule for you looks like. Find a quiet place in your home to set up "school". Find the times of day that work best for your child to consistently complete school work. Some days are going to be harder than others, many of them will be these initial days. Know that it is ok to struggle with this new set up. Remember that while many of these online pieces are new to you, they are not new to your child. Lexia, IXL, RazKids, etc are all used every day/consistently here at TPS and JYA students have used Google Classroom all year. Your children are amazing and we think they will amaze many of you with just how well they get through this. We received a great suggestion for sharing strategies that we use here at TPS & JYA that may be helpful for parents, we are getting together a list and will send that out to help guide you as well. 

We appreciate so many of the kind and heartwarming messages we received from many of you in the last few days. As you can imagine, this has been quite an obstacle for our faculty and administration to tackle as well, so your words of encouragement have meant the world to us. We truly have the best school community around!  While we were ahead of the curve in starting our preparations, it is still unchartered waters for many of us. We appreciate your continuous support as we continue to navigate the coming weeks. 

We will be in constant communication and if you need anything at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The Administrative team along with Dir. of Technology, Mr. Davis will be on campus the next two weeks M-F from 8:00 am-11:00 am if you need to give us a call. 

Remember, this too shall pass (even if it is not as soon as we all would like) and we are better together. 

As always, we are #ProudToBeTPSPanthers 

With Panther Pride, 

Kori Mackall 

Director of Communications & Development

The Piedmont School & John Yowell Academy 


3/17/20: Student material pick-up schedule for Tuesday, March 17th.

If your TPS (K-8th) student does not have access to technology at home, please email Kori Mackall and we will make accommodations. If you are unable to pick up student materials during these times, please give us a call and we will make arrangements. 



3/16/20: Please see the below communication to our Panther students and families. 



3/14/20: Please see the below communication for immediate release to all of our Panther students and families. 

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