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HIGH POINT, N.C. -- Just as being fast doesn’t ensure you’re a great athlete, having a high IQ doesn’t guarantee you’ll do well in school.

The school Tim Montgomery runs specializes in those kind of kids.

“Some of the kids are off the chart in cognitive ability,” Montgomery said. “But they just struggle, they learn differently. And the traditional classroom, either public or private, are just not set up to meet their needs.”

So they come to The Piedmont School in High Point, which specializes in unlocking their potential.

“Students that come into us as first-graders or second-graders, a lot of times they're with us two or three years -- if they have a reading gap, we're able to close those gaps, teach them those skills,” Montgomery said. “Then they're ready to transition elsewhere, if that's what they want to do.”

That was Grace Mohan.

“I noticed in probably her kindergarten years that she wasn't picking up on her reading and she was struggling with her academics,” said Grace’s mom, Andi.

But Grace stayed at The Piedmont School and, now as an eighth-grader, is starring in Willy Wonka, the school’s play for this year.

In a school built around individualized instruction, the play is the one thing every student does together -- the one collaborative.

See how the school works and why the school play is such an important part of what they do in this edition of the Buckley Report.


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