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A Resurgence The Is The Piedmont School

Article By: Margie Crabtree 


Traveling down Old Mill Road I was filled with anticipation and excitement as I turned and passed through the gate of The Piedmont School. Located in a bit of a hollow, I knew immediately that this was a very special place. There were outdoor spaces obviously intended for children, flowers blooming everywhere I looked, clearly indicating that children had the top priority here. It was impressive! 

As I stepped inside and met some of the faculty and staff, I was even more convinced that this was indeed a very special place for the students fortunate enough to attend The Piedmont School. The hallways were filled with artwrk created by some very talented young artists, and there was an air of happiness, enthusiasm, and joy in everyone I met. 

Later in the morning I was able to meet with the Head of School, Tim Montgomery. An affable man who wore his heart on his sleeve when speaking about the students, staff, and others involved in the success of The Piedmont School. I knew when he spoke about the school that it was his drive and devotion that gave this building the spark of life that was evident in every nook and cranny. 

Mr. Montgomery has been the Head of School at The Piedmont School for four years, and during that time the school has eperienced an amazing period of growth. In the spring of 2013 The Piedmont School had 27 students enrolled for the fall of 2014. Dince then the school has grown steadily to their current enrollment of over 80 students .This growth can be attributed to many factors. The combination of an unparalleled academic environment, coupled with a new and refreshing approach to the educating of students with learning differences, have lead to the school's growing popularity. Their consistent growth, along with the emergence of a new high school program has The Piedmont School on the cusp of a historic expansion campaign to expand this beautiful facility. 

The school mission statement immediately caught my attention, and aptly describes the feeling one has when walking the campus hallways. The Piedmont School strives daily to be the educational oasis that quenches the thirst of students who learn differently.guilfordwomanpix2

The Piedmont School carefully creates an environment that removes major obstacles to learning. As Mr. Montgomery puts it, at The Piedmont School they unlock learning for their students, and many experience the joy of the learning process for the first time in their lives. Low teacher/student ratios allow for for individualized instruction. The core classes of reading, written language, and math are taught through visual, auditory, tactile, and kinesthetic methods. The block classes are taught with an emphasis on experiential learning, so that students are exposed to their grade level curriculum in a hands-on, project based way. 

Along with the academic classes, students at The Piedmont School have Music, Art, Drama, Character Education, and PE daily making each day a well-rounded academic experience. 

In a brief, but enlightening conversation with Academic Dean Deneane Davis, she shared that, "The flexibility available to our students makes all the difference. Our students need structure in the classroom, but freedom within the structure to explore their unique learning styles. We try to fill their toolboxes with strategies that enhance their learning in an effort to make school enjoyable as well as productive."

Kori Mackall, Director of Communications said "I am so thrilled about the growth of The Piedmont School over the last four years. In this time we have tripled our enrollment,w hich really speaks to the great things that are happening here. While our school is growing, we will always maintain small class sizes and an inviting family atmosphere. We are excited to be launching our capital campaign to begin raising the funds needed for our much anticipated expansion. This expansion will provide us with several new classrooms, science labs, facilities for the arts, and a gymnasium. These additions will help us continue to provide a unique and first class education for our students." 

Mr. Webster defines Renaissance as a time of great revival of learning and art. The art of learning has certainly be revived, refreshed, and reestablished at The Piedmont School. A visit to this beautiful school is well worth the short drive to their High Point campus. You will not regret it. 

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